Occasionally our pastor or one of our guest preachers will share a sermon with us.  These will be posted below.


Guest preachers who join us from time to time:  Rev. Barnum will usually lead worship. Guest preachers include Rev. Richard Snyder, Rev. Mair Honan, Rev. Kate Braestrup, Rev. Tom Pike, and other clergy.  Members of the Board and Deacons occasionally lead worship or preach as well.


 Recent Sermons 

Below are links to .PDF files of sermons and church services that you can download or print. Click on the link for a sermon to bring up a PDF file that you can either download or print. We will display only a month's worth of sermons at a time. For past sermons, please contact the webmistress.

Dec 10 - pdfBreaestrup Dec10 2017  "Manspreading" (Rev. Braestrup)

Sept 24 - pdfBraestrupSept242017.pdf  "Freedom and its discontents" (Rev. Braestrup)

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