Our Church Leadership

Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our church community special.  Contact information for the church appears in the blue section at the bottom of this page. 


Elizabeth BarnumMinister

In August 2018 we welcomed our settled pastor, Rev. Elizabeth Barnum. Our previous pastor and spiritual leader, Susan Stonestreet, retired as of June 25, 2017 after eighteen years of service.  The Rev. Richard Hanks served ably and thoughtfully in guiding us through our year of transition.


Music director


Music Director: Mary Schulien

Mary has watched the congregation grow from fewer than 20 people to over 100, many at her invitation.  She works closely with Pastor Elizabeth and guest preachers to plan the integration of the music with the spiritual message for every service.  Mary plays the flute and, with the help of other musicians, primarily Peter Saladino, accompanies the organ at worship services and directs the Wing and a Prayer choir, which sings every third Sunday and at special events  (not during the Pandemic). She also arranges for the concerts and special services open to the community that we hold throughout the year and has mentored many young musicians and student organists.  See more about the music programs on Our Music.  Mary's energy and enthusiasm for the church in all its endeavours have been a great benefit and inspriation over the years. 


Board of Directors

The Church Board is the policy-making body of the Church. The Board is charged with transacting the business of the church, administering the permanent funds of the corporation, overseeing the audit and management of financial accounts, and the custodianship of all church records. The Board is composed of the  Chair , the Vice-Chair, the Chair of the Deacons/Deaconesses, the Chair of the Trustees, the Chair of the Finance Committee, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and a Representative-at-Large from the congregation.  Recently we have added a director of Education and Member in Discernment. The Board holds a minimum of eight business meetings a year, which church members are encouraged to attend and at which they may vote.  The most important of these is the annual business and budget meeting in early November, which requires a quorum of the congregation for budget approval.


Chair:  Robin Brawn

Vice-Chair:  Emily Eglund

Secretary:  Betty Ingraham

Treasurer:  Tracee O'Brien

Chair of the Finance Commitee:  Julie Turkevich

Chair of the Deacons/Deaconesses:  Warren Ericson

Chair of the Trustees:   Jack Silverio

Representative at large:  Penelope Padden

Member in Discernment:  Betty Heald

Director of Education:  Susan Silverio


Deacons:  Warren Ericson (Chair), Jed Beach, June Haining, Tracy Hayslip, Jill Langdon, Lois Lyman (Communion team)


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