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The Good Neighbor Fund (GNF)

GNF concert 10-10 BBBBreezemere Bottom Boys
at a GNF benefit concert
The Good Neighbor Fund is a pass-through account funded entirely by donations from Church members and the wider community. The money is used to help families or individuals in the community who need help, working together with the Town Office representative for those in need in our town.  The need may be for food, rent, heating oil, or other circumstances. All funds received are expended for this stated purpose.


Funds are replenished through individual donations, special collections, occasional appeals, and fund raisers such as the concert at left.  All money received and given out is recorded and accounted for, respecting the anonymity of the recipient and donor (if desired), but listing the circumstances of the donation (e.g., "Rent assistance to family with father lost to cancer").  Most of these are one-time helping hands.  As of the end of 2014 you had donated and we have given out more than $30,000 to help members of our community.  We thank you for helping your neighbors in need.  Winter always puts a real strain on the people who need this fund. To donate to help our neighbors for the coming year, please specify "Good Neighbor Fund" in the note of your check. 



Pastor's Discretionary Fund (PDF)

The Pastor's Discretionary Fund is a pass-through fund that is supported by donations from Church members and  benefactors, and kept at a certain level by the church. It is to be used at the Pastor's discretion, especially at short notice, to assist individuals and families,in the church or the wider community.  The fund may not be used for the Pastor's benefit.  All funds received are expended for this stated purpose.  Funds received and given out are recorded and accounted for, respecting the anonymity of the donor (if desired) and of the recipient, but listing the circumstances (e.g., "Fuel assistance for single mother").  To donate, please specify "Pastor's Discretionary Fund" in the note of your check

Lincolnville Alcoholics Anonymous

The Lincolnville AA has met in our facilities since April, 2013.  During that time the meetings have grown from two to four a week, and from fewer than ten people to as many as thirty or forty.  They have moved from the smaller Parish Hall into the larger Community Building.  We are impressed and delighted with their commitment and success.

Meeting times:

Open meetings are held at 12:15 p.m. (noon) on Tuesday and Friday, and Sundays at 6 p.m.  Closed 12&12 step meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m.


Grace-Street Ministry (Portland, Maine)

Mair SM
Pastor Mair Honan

Pastor Mair Honan, who was ordained in United Christian Church, began this street ministry to the homeless in 2006 and retired from it in 2017, staying on as an administrator. Our church has supported this mission over the years and continues to support it with special collections, individual donations, warm clothing, gift cards, and whatever else we are asked to provide.  Pastor Mair says: 

In the spring of 2006 two ordained, UCC pastors felt Spirit-driven to begin a ministy with the marginalized and homeless in downtown Portland, Maine. Our main focus was to learn how we could be pastors in this community, to remember the sacred in the midst of it all, and to decrease the imagined and real boundaries between those who have little materially and those who have much.

When we stop to talk to someone on the street or in the shelters in Portland, Maine and introduce ourselves as street pastors, they ask "So, where is your church?" We tell them we are a walking ministry -- "the church is right here!" We bring compassion and communion to the street and the people there who feel estranged from traditional churches. 

Click here to go to the Grace-Street Ministry website.

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